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All things film, video, music, social media & my personal rants.

On Fatherhood and Being Selfish: An Observation

If being a mom is the hardest job in the world, then why do dads have to make all the tough decisions? Read more

The 10 Greatest Classic Thrash Metal Albums of All Time

These 10 classic Thrash Metal albums redefined Heavy Metal and set the standards for the many bands that followed... Read more

The ONLY Social Media Book You'll Ever Need. Really.

Social media may have changed the way we communicate but what people want has remained the same... Read more

The Bronx, Grand Concourse, and Going Home Again: An Observation

Sometimes we have to get off "the block" so that we can look back and appreciate where we came from... Read more

Yo La Tengo, Lambchop, and the Ballad of Charlie Horse

Charlie Horse, aka Yo La Tengo, perform at (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC Read more

5 Badass Women Bloggers You Should Be Following (Part Deux)

Five more badass women bloggers to enrich not only your blog reading experience but your life in general. Really. Read more

Can You Spare 60 Seconds to Save up to 8 Lives?

In about 60 seconds you can save up to 8 lives and enhance the lives of several other. Here's how... Read more

6 Blogging Tips for a Dummy

Blogging isn't hard as long as you don't listen to too many "experts". Just write... Read more

Leadership, God, and Darwinism: An Observation

When it comes to leadership, people will, more often than not, let you down. The good news is it isn't our's God's. Read more

The Bastardization of Pinterest has Begun: A Rant

The social media gurus have finally crashed the Pinterest party. The age of innocence is over... Read more