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A Day at the Beach for Ventilation Assisted Children

You've never seen a trip to the beach quite like this one...
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Miami Children's Health Foundation: Leslie's Story

Four words that will break any parent's heart: "Your daughter has Leukemia."
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The Rags-to-Riches story of Michael Fux

From selling used tires to granting the holiday wishes of over 300 underprivileged children...
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V.A.C.C. Camp: Camp "Can-Do"

Watch the award-winning documentary film about V.A.C.C. Camp, an amazing week-long camp for ventilator assisted children...
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Are You Working for Free?

Handing over your talent in exchange for exposure can be a hard habit to break...
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20 Great Movie Villains You Won't Find On Most 'Greatest Movie Villains' Lists

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Back To The Eighties

Short documentary film about New York's most dynamic 80s cover band, Jessie's Girl...
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Distinctive Video Production

Dan Perez [Dan's Video Creations, Inc.] is a multiple award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been producing distinctive videos for businesses and nonprofit organizations such as Miami Children's Hospital, United Way, Nationwide Financial, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Harley Davidson, CHARLEE Homes for Children, and Tripp Scott Law since 2006.

Creativity & Community

With a reputation for merging creativity with efficiency as well as for his involvement in the community, Dan Perez has quickly become the most recognized video producer in South Florida. Oh, and did you know that video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online? If you're not using video to promote your product or service, maybe it's time you did. Contact us - we can help.


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"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." - Henry J Kaiser

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