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Tag: film


Movie Poster REDUX: No Country for Old Men [2007]

Redux of the Coen Brothers "No Country for Old Men" by British artist Dan Norris Read more

Movie Poster REDUX: The Dark Knight [2008]

Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" gets a new look by designer Brandon Schaefer Read more

Classic Movie Poster REDUX: Taxi Driver [1976]

Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" gets a redux from Swedish artist Viktor Hertz Read more

Movie Poster REDUX: 28 Days Later [2002]

Redux of Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" by designer/illustrator Adam Hanson Read more

Video of the Week: "Kubrick vs Scorsese"

Brilliant mash-up of Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick films. A must-see for film lovers... Read more

The REAL Mission: Impossible? The Next Tom Cruise

With the release of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol", Tom Cruise can prove he still has the box-office muscle he once possessed. But were his star to finally fade, "the next Tom Cruise" has his work cut out for him... Read more

10 Great Movies You've Probably Never Seen

Hate movies with happy endings? Here are 10 great films that celebrate the dark side of life... Read more

Nome, Alaska: Images

Images from my recent trip to the small, sleepy, and mysterious city of Nome, Alaska. Read more

Watch The Film: "The Motivator: The Business Of Selling Hope"

"The Motivator: The Business Of Selling Hope" is an award-winning documentary film that offers an uncompromising (and humorous) behind-the-scenes look at the business of motivational speaking. Read more

Why I Like Tom Cruise - and Why You Should Too

Tom Cruise has had an impressive run as Hollywood's mightiest star and it's been no accident. Cruise has taken some of the biggest career risks of any other actor of his generation; risks most of us would never dare to take... Read more