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A Conversation with Jon Hage, CEO of Charter Schools USA & "Floridian of the Year"

A discussion with Florida Trend magazine's "Floridian of the Year", Charter Schools USA CEO Jon Hage... Read more

Goldstein Schechter Koch: Tax Time in South Florida [Video]

Serving South Florida businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals for over 60 years... Read more

Video of the Week: "Man in a Blizzard" aka "Idiot with a Tripod"

One man, one tripod, one camera, one day in New York. And snow. Lots of snow. Read more

Video of the Week: "Happy Birthday..." [A Nightmare]

Birthdays aren't always happy... Read more

Video of the Week: "A Reflection" Contentment Through Self-Acceptance

The story of Władysław Tomczyk and his hopeful message of creating life-work by honing one's natural ability... Read more

Video of the Week: "Asylum" A Dark Journey Into the Forgotten

The rotting "Asylum" still stands as a testament to the horrors and mistreatment that patients had to endure during the time of its operation... Read more

Team Kemp: Three Days in the Life of a Financial Planner

The improbable and rather remarkable story of Mark Kemp... Read more

Video of the Week: Flying Lotus - "Until The Quiet Comes"

Unsettling and poetic imagery of life in one of the most violent, drug infested, crime riddled neighborhoods in the country... Read more

Video of the Week: "The New Year's Eve Kiss"

New Year's Eve can be a humbling experience for those who prepare poorly... Read more

Buddy the Mischievous Pug: Merry Christmas

A special holiday musical production from everyone's favorite mischievous pug... Read more