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Read. See. Hear.For Your Amusement

Destroyed by an earthquake in 1918, the old Aguadilla Lighthouse (Las Ruinas) offers spectacular ocean views and makes for some great photographs... See more
The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse sits atop majestic 200-foot limestone cliffs and offers breathtaking views pf the Caribbean Sea. Here's the video to prove it... See more
"Angels with Shoes" takes home the 'Best International Short' and 'Audience Choice' awards at the Rincón International Film festival... See more
With April being National Autism Awareness Month, we bring you the story of little Isabella and the benefits of Aquatic Therapy... See more
Ain't no party like a VACC Camp party - and I have the pics to prove it... See more
VACC Camp is known as camp "can do" - that means a day in the pool even for ventilator assisted children. Check out the pics... See more