5 Badass Women Bloggers You Should Be Following

Recently, I wrote a blog post on the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Captain Smack and his highly engaged blog, "This Is Your Captain Speaking". My search to uncover his whereabouts led me to popping a red pill and jumping head-first down the rabbit hole (trust me, there was no other way). What I found was a blogging Wonderland awash in funky fresh blogs; a large percentage of them penned by badass women bloggers.

Now, do you ever get tired of the same old blog fodder floating around the social space? You know what I'm talking about; the ones with the snazzy titles that only serve to camouflage the same old redundant blog posts? "12 Things We Can Learn About Social Media from Swans", "What David Hasselhoff Can Teach Us About Marketing" and "Klout: Great Taste or Less Filling?" Ugh. Clicking on a link to a blog post these days is akin to entering a restroom stall with the hopes of relieving yourself only to find an abandoned turd floating in the toilet. Can I get an amen? Well, here's some good news. I'm about to share with you 5 blogs written by some fierce women bloggers that will help put the spice back into your blogging experience...and maybe even into your bedroom! OK, so maybe I'm pushing it just a bit, but here they are:

Sandra is the voice behind Absolutely Narcissism. She’s the mother of four lovely children but is looking to redefine herself so that her identity is not just about being “the mother of four lovely children” (got that?). Her blog takes a humorous look at her life and her passions. With blog posts such as: Ladies Do NOT Fart! and Don’t Hate Me Because I Think Mean Things, how can you possibly go wrong?

Noa, the brains behind Oh, Noa., is on a mission to make you laugh, and to brighten your day a little bit. As Noa herself puts it, “I’m on a mission for you, bitches.” Armed with sarcasm and sharp comic timing, she’s your one-stop shop for the funny. She’s also a proud supporter of the League of Funny Bitches, nuff said? Check out: The Dangerballs Guide To Being The Best At Marriage and Chairs Make Better People Than You Do and see if I ain't lying.

Becky, the writer behind Bexst*r, hails from New Zealand and, as she puts it, “talks a lot of shit.”  Although she would like to say in her defense, “my shit is always awesome.” She’s the vulgar naughty kid your mama warned you not to befriend. She also claims to be a little bit mental and confesses to swearing…alot. With posts such as How To Not Be a Douche Taxi Passenger and the hilarious Your 'How To' Guide for Some of Life's Awkward Situations, I think you’ll agree that her shit is, indeed, pretty awesome.

Brit is the writer behind blunt delivery. As she puts it: “I was born an innocent and trusting child. But somewhere, someone popped my glittery pink balloon and that crap got all messed up.” Currently, she’s a a stay at home, non-showered writer, photographer and aspiring neurosurgeon (you heard right). She believes in getting to the point without pulling punches as evidenced in posts such as Gandhi’s Top 4 Tips On How To Have A Crappy Blog and her brutally honest journal of her grandpa’s passing in Death, Donuts, And A Cigarette In The Morning. Blunt = Blog Awesomeness.

Jennifer is the writer behind When Pigs Fly. She’s a recovering people pleaser and domestic goddess who works part time, rides horses, and rants about the state of the world. Her ivy league liberal arts education has afforded her an in depth knowledge of the mixed drink and early Italian Renaissance artists. Fortunately, she’s put her writing talents and literary aspirations on the front burner as evidenced in posts like Remain Calm and Don’t Scream at the Babysitter – the 1099 Wasn’t Her Idea and From the Halls of Crap. Can I get a witness?

So there you have it. Five funky fresh blogs that offer the reader something other than the usual social media marketing technobabble. Now stop dining on the same old microwaveable TV dinners and take a bite out of some freshly charred 16-Oz Prime New York Strip (with some fried potato skins and a spicy Zinfandel on the side!). These badass bloggers serve it up perfectly pink, so go ahead...dig in.

Know some badass bloggers that make their homes way down the rabbit hole? Then what are you waiting for? Share!

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