CHARLEE Homes for Children

CHARLEE (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational and Emotional) is a private not-for-profit agency that cares for children ages 0-23 years old in Miami-Dade County who have been placed in foster care due to abuse, abandonment and neglect. For almost 30 years, CHARLEE has helped thousands of children in the foster care system begin a new life. With the privatization of the child welfare system in 2005, CHARLEE has doubled in size, providing service to approximately 800-1,000 children annually.

For the second year in a row, I was asked to produce a video for the organization's "Spring for CHARLEE" fundraising luncheon. Last year's video helped make the event the most successful ever and produced more first-time donors than any other year. Was it the video? Well, we sure like to think so but see for yourself...

For more information on CHARLEE Homes for Children, please visit: http://www.charlee.org

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