Photographer Showcase: 20 Stunning Images Celebrating Mother's Day

Todays' Photographer Showcase is a celebration of Mother's Day with a collection of truly remarkable photographs of mothers from around the world.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there, including my wife (see final image below) and my own mother, who raised seven of us in a three bedroom apartment in the Bronx. Sending her a hug...

Sepia Photography

"Mum's Love" (Mozambique) by Maria João Arcanjo

Mother's Day Photography

"And on my cheek sweet kisses pressed? My Mother" by James Goodman


"Mother" (Gujarat, India) by Alessandro Bergamini


"Grandmother" (Cuba) by Carol How Photography

Mother's Day Photography

"Fearless Mother" by Zoran Milutinovic

Street Photography

"Exhausted" by Liz Leeb

Black and White Photography

"Great Grandma's Hands" by Stephanie Beaty

Mother's Day Photography

"Young Mother and Child" (Nepal) by Phil Callan

Nature Photography

"Mother and Child" (Namibia) by Gunnar Salvarsson

Mother's Day Photography

"Motherhood" by Debi Dalio

Mother's Day

A mother carries her children while their house is on fire in a residential slum area in Manila, Philippines | photographed by Dennis M. Sabangan

Mother and Son

"Mother and Son" (Vietnam) by Hai Thinh

Mother's day Photography

"4th Day in Homeless World" (Chennai, India) by Balaji Maheshwar

Mother photography

"Mother with Child" (Guatemala) by Brad Guice


"Mother's Love" by Anton Belovodchenko

Mother photography

Mother and daughter with Minamata Disease, Japan (1971) | photographed by W. Eugene Smith


"Love" by Martin Krystynek


"Supermama" (Thailand) by Caroline Ryca

Mother's Day

"First Touch" by Ryan Arneson

And finally, here's my wife and daughter in Pompano Beach right here in Florida, taken back in 2009 by David Images, one of my fave photos...

Mother's Day

Dan Perez Films

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