Photographer Showcase: Portraits of Superheroes in Solitude

Yeah, I might be an award-winning documentary filmmaker and video producer "par excellence" (at least Mrs. Perez thinks so) but what I really am is a wannabe professional photographer. That's where the whole idea for my Photographer Showcase series came from. I'm fascinated by great photographers and the surreal images they create with their camera lens (and a little help from Photoshop). For my latest installment, I present you with Paris-based photographer Benoit Lapray and his series The Quest for The Absolute.

Lapray presents images of popular Marvel and DC comics superheroes digitally added to beautiful natural landscapes; in moments of quiet reflection, perhaps. I mean saving the world ain't easy, right? Superheroes have got to have a place to disconnect and reflect on their own lives. I guess that's what Lapray's vision was.

Or perhaps he was just trying to make us aware that despite the amazing powers superheroes have, nature can be just as amazing. Enjoy...



Wonder Woman


Captain America


The Flash

Dan Perez Films

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