May 24, 2010 Posted by Dan Perez in Blog

Popular Music Can Make You Hate Yourself...

Have you taken a listen to pop music lately? It appears that record labels & radio stations want to feed today’s music listeners dumb & dumber lyrics over an array of club beats with redundant choruses that all seem to feature T-Pain. . .and guess what, we’re buying. It’s gotten to the point that I cringe every time my 12-year-old daughter asks to put the radio on when we’re in the car – the quality of today’s popular music has never been as banal as it has been the past 10 years. The disco classics of the 70′s, at one time the object of scorn & mockery, seem like slivers of genius compared to today’s music. And rap music? Oh, let’s not even go there.

I read an interesting blog post by Justin Kownacki called “The Popularity Paradox: Why Do We Hate Pop Culture?” which took an uncompromising look at today’s Pop Culture scene, it’s music and artists. The article went on to suggest that we’ve been programmed and that we hate ourselves for submitting to it. But should we care?

At the end of the day, if you like what’s playing on the radio and feel you’ve been programmed somehow, so what? No need to hate yourself. Heck, we’ve been programmed one way or another since childhood anyway and many of us still are: If you don’t go to college, you won’t be successful. If you have pimples, you won’t get laid. Chicks will overlook you if you have thin or balding hair. Men won’t desire you unless you have large breasts. Sound familiar?

Want something different? Social media has given us access to hundreds of music websites and blogs that give us the option to learn about the many great bands being ignored by mainstream radio that are producing excellent music. In a fraction of the time it would take to peruse the many alternative music magazines at your nearest Target, you could simply spend some twitter-time here: @earfarm @gorillavsbear @altsounds @stereogum @metalsucks and you’ll see that good, original music is still being produced.

But if you like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha & Lil Wayne, it’s OK. The good news is you can still live a productive and rewarding life. Just don’t beat up on your kids, drive drunk, cheat on your spouse or cheer for the NY Yankees. Then you’ll really have a reason to hate yourself.

Nuff said.

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