South Florida Tattoo Expo (Video)

The South Florida Tattoo Expo, which just celebrated its 23rd year in 2018, is a three day weekend affair (Friday-Sunday) that was held yet again at the Coral Springs Marriott Hotel, Golf Club & Convention Center. It not only features the best tattoo artists in all of South Florida (and beyond) but a truckload of live bands, a burlesque show, hot body contest, car show, local vendors, and human suspension (the act of suspending a human body from hooks that have been put through the skin!). And here's the best part: all proceeds benefit the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital; and it's been that way since year one. Good people doing good things.

Now, despite not having any tattoos anywhere on my body, I am intrigued by the culture. So I attended the event last year (photographs HERE) and brought my camera with me. The idea was to create a short documentary video exploring the event and the people behind it. You know, another one of my "passion projects". Alas, the passing of my wife this past September caused me to not be able to complete the video as planned but I wasn't about to let all that video I shot go to waste. So allow me to present to you a somewhat scaled down video that will more than give you an idea why the South Florida Tattoo Expo is an event you shouldn't miss - whether you have a tattoo or, like me, don't.

Oh, and my daughter tagged along with me on the Saturday of last year's expo - and guess who left there with her first tattoo? That's right. Maybe they'll get me at this year's Expo which will take place from August 9-11 at the Coral Springs Marriott. See you there...

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