Video of the Week: "Clients From Hell"

Every business owner has had them, right? Those clients that make us ask ourselves, "Why the hell did I go into business for myself? WHY???!!!" They make us kick ourselves, pull out our hair, and do the whole weeping and gnashing of teeth thing. In a creative industry (designers, writers, artists, video producers, etc), where the final product isn't as simple as a matching purse or a clean and pressed shirt; where the satisfaction of the client is dependent upon them interpreting your "creation" in the manner you intended, it can get hairy at times.

Clients From Hell

So, for all those creative entrepreneurs out there, this video is for you. Produced by TGK Films and written/directed by Bryce Bladon, enjoy (or cringe) at this collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers...

Clients From Hell from ClientsFromHell on Vimeo.

Dan Perez Films

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