Video of the Week: "Last Minutes with ODEN"

New year, new ideas. Another weekly series I will be introducing this year, (to go along with the Tuesday "Movie Poster of the Week" series) is the "Video of the Week" feature which will publish every Thursday. With all the "other" great videos from around the world I come across on the web, I figured I would share one of them every week (it was the least I could do, yes?).

Last Minutes with Oden

We're kicking off the series with a bang. Filmmaker Eliot Rausch's  short documentary work has personally inspired me in my own productions. Gritty and raw, Rausch draws out the humanity in all his subjects. Like me, he also directs and edits his own work (a huge advantage, in my opinion). Here's a powerful award-winning short video documenting the final day of Oden, a dog who succumbs to cancer; and his impact on the life of his owner.

See you next week...

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