Video of the Week: "Sermon on the Mound" [Blessed are the Poor in Spirit]

Sermon on the Mound

With Christmas less than a week away, I thought I'd introduce a video from one of my "virtual mentors", filmmaker Eliot Rausch. "Sermon on the Mound" is a short documentary that turns the spotlight on the poor in spirit, the impoverished, the homeless, and the misunderstood. Filmed over 36 hours in Los Angeles, it is haunting and beautiful at the same time; a staple of Rausch's work. It's also a sobering reminder that Christmas doesn't come for everybody.

Hope you enjoy yours...

Sermon on the Mound from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.

This is not the first time we've featured Eliot Rausch on our site - you can also watch "Last Minutes with Oden" and "A Mother's Letter"

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