Video of the Week: "Gravity: A Falling Montage"

There's something about a character falling in movies, yes? Whether it's off a cliff, a skyscraper, a helicopter; a sudden drop or a slow motion plummet that never seems to end; whether it's the hero or the villain - falling in the movies is so way cooler than it is in real life. Gravity sucks.

Die Hard

With that said, I offer you a compilation of memorable falling scenes in cinema by the creative folks at Plot Point Productions. How many movies can you name?

YouTube Preview Image

And speaking of gravity, check out the trailer for the upcoming film "Gravity" by Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mamá También, Children of Men) starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (and Bullock gets top billing?!). It opens October 4th and has been generating fantastic reviews...

YouTube Preview Image

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