Video of the Week: "iDiots" | Addiction to Technology and Consumerism

Over the past few years, mobile devices and social media have changed the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves. We've officially become a smartphone-obsessed society, ravenous for the latest smartphone technology - and smartphone manufacturers know it.

Go to any restaurant, coffee shop or pizzeria and you'll probably see more people on their smartphones than actually conversing with the person(s) they're with. I mean, when was the last time you had an hour-long conversation with someone and neither one of you stopped to post something on twitter, facebook or instagram? If we're not checking in somewhere, we're taking a picture of something, letting people know how good or bad something is, then constantly checking in to see how many "likes" or comments that something has gotten. Sound like someone you know? Yeah, and I'm as guilty as anyone.

The more "social" we have become, the less we actually communicate with one another sans smartphone. Well the creative folks over at BIG LAZY ROBOT, a Barcelona, Spain based visual effects company, have decided to poke some good-natured fun at our "social" society and our obsession with possessing the latest iPhone. Er, I meant, smartphone. Yeah, that. The video (which features real robots taken from real Japanese robot model kits) is pretty hilarious when you're not cringing in shame at what it reveals about us.

Let's hear it for technology!!!

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