Video of the Week: "Snow on Cuba Mall"

I would assume at this point that most folks across the country are probably sick of seeing snow, yes? Well, the folks in Wellington, the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand, rarely ever see snow. With a moderate average temperature that typically varies from 45°F to 69°F, frosts are rare. On Monday, August 15 of 2011, however, filmmaker Ro Tierney captured the rarest of moments at the Cuba Mall in Wellington...snow.

I moved from New York City to South Florida 10 years ago and I would guess that this would be about the same reaction folks down here would have were it ever to snow (snowflakes briefly dusted palm trees and windshields from Miami to West Palm Beach back in January of 1977 - the only South Florida snowfall on record in the 20th century). If and when that day comes, like Mr. Tierney, I'll be out with my camera in hand to capture those unique moments.

Stay warm, my friends...

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