A Conversation with FAT Village Founder Doug McCraw

Here's the latest in a continuing series of webinars (produced by yours truly) for Fort Lauderdale based law firm Tripp Scott. In this episode, Ed Pozzuoli, President of Tripp Scott, sits down with Doug McCraw, founder of FAT Village, a fast growing Arts community located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Flagler Arts and Technology (FAT) Village aims to connect the city to an emerging culture of grass roots inspired creatives, musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, urban land planners, designers, young professionals and, of course, the occasional hipster.

For Tripp Scott, a webinar is one of the most effective ways of maintaining close communication with their clients and subscribers. By featuring business and community leaders in their webinars, Tripp Scott deliver compelling content targeted for their audience and establish themselves as a leader in their industry. How is your company communicating with their "audience"?

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