PSA Bronze Award Winner! Ozone Zone International Photo Competition

Yes, I'm a documentary filmmaker (an award-winning one at that - just saying) and yes I butter my bread creating videos for some of the most respected companies and organizations in South Florida (just saying). Yes, I'm a lucky guy, blessed even. That all said, I'm also someone who loves photography. Been working on that "side hobby" for years, snapping photographs wherever I go. One of my favorite places to snap photographs is at VACC Camp, a free week-long overnight camp hosted by Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami for ventilation assisted children. It has become my favorite place to be for Spring Break during the past seven years; documenting this remarkable camp through video and photography.

So I am very happy to announce that my photograph, "VACC Camp - Father and Daughter" received the Bronze Award by the Photographic Society of America in the "Love" category in the 5th edition of the Ozone Zone International Photo Competition. Ozone Zone is a publisher of award-winning artistic photography books (coffee table books) that focus on showing the real beauty of our world. In 2014, the company moved from Canada and now make their home in the island republic of Dominica in the Caribbean. The company also promotes fine photography through their annual Ozone Zone International Photo Competition. Head of the jury is award-winning photographer Derek Galon.

I submitted the photograph way back in September of 2017 but judging was postponed due to hurricane Maria, which ravaged the whole Caribbean. Using a generator and working in a house with a damaged roof, jurors were able to finish judging and announced winners back in April. I figured it was time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag as it is an accomplishment (my first photography award) that I am very proud of; and that it was a photograph from a camp that is so near and dear to my heart, made it extra special.

You can find a very elegant online flip-through catalogue of all winning works HERE (and man, there are some truly amazing photographs in there - not sure how mine made it into the mix but I'll take it!). If viewing this post on a mobile phone, click THIS LINK.

My winning photograph is below (you can find it in the catalogue under the "Love" category which starts on page 59), feel free to view my other photography work HERE. And if you want to learn more about (or to support) VACC Camp, visit their site at vacccamp.com and feel free to view my other VACC Camp photographs and videos HERE.

Ozone Zone International Photo Competition


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