Video of the Week: The Abandoned Trains

Last week I shared with you a wicked collection of photographs I took when my daughter and I stumbled upon a set of once glorious abandoned trains (one of them being a Presidential rail car). Besides my Panasonic GH2, I also had my nifty little Canon XF100 and took some exterior shots of the train. I then braved the jagged shards of rusted metal and carpet of shattered glass and made my way through the interior of the train with the camera mounted on my light yet sturdy Induro tripod equipped with a smooth Benro head.

The results, dare I say, were pretty awesome.

Enjoy the video (which features some equally badass music from Russian post rock duo, Daydreamer). Oh, and if you're curious as to where these abandoned trains are located, here's the location. Now get down there and shoot something...

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Dan Perez Films

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