Firewall Centers: Transforming Lives in South Florida (Video)

Firewall Centers was founded as a 501(c) (3) organization in July 2003 with the vision of transforming at-risk students into servant leaders. The tragic death of a 13 year old girl who overdosed on drugs while left unsupervised during after-school hours is what spurred the creation of Firewall Centers. Founders Andy and Janeth Fernandez began meeting weekly in the very mobile home park where the young girl lived and died.

I've been a supporter of Firewall Centers from the very first time I was introduced to Andy Fernandez almost seven years ago, right around the time I was starting my own video production business. Through the years, I've produced several videos for the organization and have seen their growth parallel my own company's (he, of course, takes all the credit for that).

This year, we focused on a young lady who was with Firewall from the very beginning, Kathia. Kathia arrived in Florida from Honduras when she was around 7 years old. The oldest of five children, she lives with her family in a small trailer home in Davie, Florida. She knew little to no english upon arriving here and struggled in school. Then her father found out about Firewall and her life was transformed. Here's her story (you can watch past stories HERE).

Oh, and if you'd like more information on this remarkable organization or would like to support their mission (or even just help spread the word), visit firewallcenters.org.

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