Google Cardboard VR Helps Save Baby's Life (Video)

Baby Teegan and her identical twin sister Riley were born in Minnesota in August. Riley was fine but Teegan was born with only half a heart and one lung. Her doctors deemed her "inoperable" and gave her from a few hours to a few weeks to live. Teegan went home with her parents but after about 45 days (and Teegan still alive), they decided to seek a second opinion.

An online search led them to Nicklaus Children's Hospital (formerly Miami Children's Hospital) and Teegan's parents contacted The Heart Program. After reviewing her case, the team felt they could save Teegan's life and a week after contacting the hospital, Teegan and her family were on a plane bound for Miami.

Google Cardboard

To save Teegan's life would take an operation that had never been done before and it was with the help of the Sketchfab mobile phone app, Google Cardboard virtual reality imaging and the capable hands of the hospital's cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Redmond Burke, that baby Teegan was given a whole new life.

This is the latest in a continuing series of videos that I've been producing for Miami Children's Health Foundation, who help raise funds and awareness for Nicklaus Children's Hospital - this is Teegan's remarkable story...

Kidney Transplant

To help support children like Teegan, please visit www.mchf.org/donate

Kidney Transplant

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