Life-Saving Heart Surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital: Justin's Story (Video)

It should have just been the birth of their second child but only minutes after he was born, Drew and Stacey were told their newborn son Justin had a lethal heart condition and needed to be airlifted to Nicklaus Children's Hospital. That was the beginning of a remarkable relationship that spanned the next thirteen years.

This is Justin's story, my latest video production for Nicklaus Children's Health Foundation who raise funds for Nicklaus Children's Hospital (formerly Miami Children's Hospital). One of the greatest gifts I've been given in my business is to have been of service to this truly remarkable hospital for over 12 years (you can view other videos HERE). This hospital saves lives, help spread the word...

For more information, or to support the hospital, visit www.nicklauschildrens.org



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