Photography Showcase: New York City in Black & White (Part II)

Yesterday I shared a collection of choice photographs from my recent family trip to New York City. During our ten days there, we stooped at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Washington Square Park, Wave Hill, Central Park and our very first visit to Citi Field (we're both long-suffering Mets fans).

I promised more pictures and I'm delivering on that promise.


Times Square

Revlon's #LOVEISON digital billboard, Times Square


On the lookout, The Bronx

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Young woman drawing, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Washington Square Park

Sand painter Joe Mangrum, Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Married folk music duo Coyote & Crow, Washington Square Park

Central Park

Boat riders, Central Park

Wave Hill

Up, Wave Hill, The Bronx


Cityscape, The Bronx

Citi Field

Jacob deGrom, Citi Field

Washington Square Park

Saxophone seranade, Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Bubbles, Washington Square Park

Central Park

Young woman, Central Park

Bronx Museum of the Arts

Young dancers outside the Bronx Museum of the Arts (Boogie on the Boulevard)

Grand Concourse

Me and the family on our final day in NYC, Grand Concourse, The Bronx

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