“Schooled” by my 12-year-old!

People love watching videos and are much more inclined to listen to your message if the video is entertaining. So for my latest e-video, I wanted to come back strong after taking a few months off. Keep the entertainment factor high while sneaking in some well-placed (but still shameless) self-promotion. I mean, if I didn't at least try to let everyone know what a wonderfully creative video production company we are, what good would it be? Right?

With the recent string of successful South Florida film screenings of my award-winning Miami hip-hop documentary film "P.A.T.H.",  I decided to write a "rap" and "kick it" to my viewers. That is until my 12-year-old daughter Miranda took me to school with the help of Miami hip-hop artist Brimstone127. Here's what went down:

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