Six Pillars: The Critical Factors Determining Florida’s Future

Florida is at a critical point in its modern history. As the fourth largest state with growing demands for infrastructure, water and energy and the ever‐changing needs of tomorrow’s knowledge‐based economy, Florida faces opportunities and challenges that will require collective action to accomplish a vision of high‐wage jobs, global competitiveness and vibrant communities. The composition of the economy is also in flux, leaving structural issues of labor supply and demand with the need to create over one million jobs by 2020 and accommodate seven million more Florida residents by the year 2030.

The framework offered to accomplish such a task is known simply as the Six Pillars™. The product of years of collaboration and research by the Florida Chamber Foundation, the Six Pillars identifies the critical factors determining Florida’s future:

> Talent Supply & Education

> Innovation & Economic Development

> Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

> Business Climate & Competitiveness

> Civic & Governance Systems

> Quality of Life & Quality Places

Bob Swindell

Here in Broward County (Greater Fort Lauderdale), Over 300 business, civic, government leaders and residents are leading the Six Pillars strategic planning process. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance to create a video featuring several business and community leaders outlining the benefits and expected outcomes of the Six Pillars plan. We arranged interviews with the following people, all of whom are featured in the video:

Charles Caulkins – Partner, Fisher & Phillips LLP and Chairman, The Broward Workshop

Bob Swindell – President/CEO, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

Kathleen Cannon – President/CEO, United Way of Broward County

Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh – President/CEO, Urban League of Broward County

Mason Jackson – President/CEO, CareerSource Broward

Gregory Stuart – Executive Director, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization

Susan Starkey – Councilmember, Town of Davie and President of the Broward League of Cities

Kelley Shanley – President/CEO, Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Robert Runcie – Superintendent, Broward County Public Schools

Robert Runcie

While the Six Pillars offers a powerful tool for strategic planning at all levels, the objective to develop a state-wide, 20-year plan requires a commitment to measuring the current status and progress toward stated goals. The Florida Scorecard is a dynamic online tool that seeks to track those factors identified within each of the Six Pillars as indicative of our situation. Moreover, the Scorecard consists of more than 120 metrics to best communicate key issues. You can view the current version of this tool at TheFloridaScorecard.com.

So scroll back up to the top of the post and watch the video I produced that will help you not only understand the mission of the Six Pillars objective, but why it is so important to the future of Florida...

For more information on Six Pillars, visit flchamber.com/six-pillars/overview

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