STREET ART EXPOSÉ: NYC Street Artist Leghead

Meet Sidi Abdul-Khaaliq aka Leghead Loves, a popular street artist often seen on Prince Street in the SoHo area in lower Manhattan. Leghead has made a name for himself with his unique and colorful mannequin art. That's right, mannequins. Mannequins discarded by the downtown Prada store, to be exact. Raised by his grandmother in Trinidad the first 10 years of his life, Leghead reunited with his family in Brooklyn, where he currently resides.

Leghead Loves

As part of our continuing STREET ART EXPOSÉ series of videos on street artists, my "baby brother" Ruben and I sat down with Leghead at Rox Gallery on the Lower East Side to discuss his origins as a graffiti writer, his use of mannequins and his refreshing philosophy on getting noticed as an artist.


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