A Winter Stroll in the Park | Bronx, NYC (In Pictures)

This past weekend, I found myself in chilly New York for a weekend taping. As I always do, I stood at my mother's apartment in the Bronx. Now, I hadn't been in the city while there was snow on the ground since I relocated to South Florida just over 11 years ago. My daughter was only five when we left the city and barely remembers making her first snowman in the backyard of our Long Island home. It was no surprise that the first thing she did was nail me in the head with a snowball she claimed was meant for my chest.

I had a few hours to spare on Friday so I took my daughter to nearby Poe Park to snap a few pictures with my "little brother" in tow. We braved the frigid cold walking Poe Park before walking over to nearby St. James Park a few blocks away. Figured I'd share the photographs here - hope you enjoy them.

Here's a reflection shot of the bandstand at Poe Park...

Poe Park Photography

Street Photography

My daughter snapped this pic of me and my brother in front of the bandstand...

Bronx Photography

Poe Park

Sticking with my reflection theme in this pic of me and my girl (photo snapped by my brother)

Poe Park

We walked over to St. James Park where my daughter's Florida blood got severely tested...

St. James Park

St. James Park

St. James Park

Walking back to my mother's apartment, my attention was drawn to this trashcan (still not sure why)

street photography

You haven't been in the Bronx until you see a carton of Newport cigarettes lying on the ground...

street photography

Crossing the Grand Concourse...

street photography

Back at mom's.

Grand Concourse


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