Wynwood Art District, Miami (In Pictures) II

Took the family down to the popular Wynwood Art District in Miami yet again this past weekend. With new mural art replacing old quite regularly, there's always fresh new street art to enjoy. That's a good thing.

The Wynwood Art District was once nothing more than a rundown warehouse district (many of them abandoned) near downtown Miami. Over the past hew years, however, Wynwood has become recognized internationally for its art scene. What were once bare warehouse walls have become giant canvases for renowned street artists from all over the world. The Wynwood Art District is also home to over 150 small businesses, including several art galleries, retail stores, and restaurants (we ate at Joey's Italian Cafe yet again - great pizza and surprisingly friendly service). It's a nice way to spend an afternoon as long as you don't stray too far off the beaten path. The surrounding neighborhood isn't the type of place you want to be strolling around when the sun goes down. Although Wynwood has come a long way in recent years, crime is still very prevalent - so exercise caution when visiting.

Back in November, I posted Wynwood Art District, Miami (In Pictures) - so here are a few photographs from our most recent visit. Enjoy...

Ruben Ubiera

Dominican artist Ruben Ubiera

Artist David Walker

London-based artist David Walker

Louis Camy

Louis Camy

McTier Art

Jace & Lucy McTier

Wynwood Art District

Belgian street artist ROA

Street Artist ROA



Behind me, Miami artist ABSTRK

Wynwood Art District

Brazilian graphic artist collective, Bicicleta Sem Freio

Nelson Mandela

Colorado based muralist Gamma Acosta

Alexis Diaz

Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz


Dominican artist EVOCA1 had his mural defaced by vandals. Shame on them.


Canadian artists Five8 and Omen


Picasso by Iraqi sculptor Ahmed Al-Bahrani for his "WAR to WAR" series of sculptures (Gary Nader Art Centre, ‪‎Miami‬)



Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho by Iraqi sculptor Ahmed Al-Bahrani for his "WAR to WAR" series of sculptures (Gary Nader Art Centre, ‪‎Miami‬)


Fernando Botero sculpture (Gary Nader Art Centre, ‪‎Miami‬)

You can see hi-res images of these photographs (and a few more) on my flickr page.

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