Bites-n-Sips, Coral Springs (In Pictures)

I've been a Coral Springs resident for 15 years since arriving in South Florida from NYC back in 2003; but it hasn't been until the last few years that I've realized that this city has more to offer than I would have originally thought. It started a little over a year ago when Mrs. Perez and I popped into the Coral Springs Art Walk #UNPLUGGED event, then the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts in 2017 and again this year. Last month I spent the weekend at the South Florida Tattoo Expo which was held at the Coral Springs Marriott and this past weekend, Mrs. Perez and I dropped in on Bites-N-Sips in Downtown Coral Springs.

Let's just say that I've finally realized what many of its residents probably already knew - the city of Coral Springs is a pretty damn cool city.

Bites-N-Sips brings a variety of food trucks, adult beverages and live music to Coral Springs City Hall. This year's live music was provided by none other than popular Latin/funk/jazz outfit Spam Allstars. The best part was (as usual) parking was plentiful and FREE (let's see Miami do that!). I was there with my camera and a few good lenses, check out the pics. Oh, and mark your calendars for the next Bites-N-Sips on November 16 - see you there...



Food trucks of all sorts were parked around the perimeter of City Hall but lines were long and wait times seemed to run 30 minutes or more. We skipped the food and enjoyed the Spam Allstars and the general vibe of the event. Maybe next time, they'll add a few more trucks...

Oh, and then there was the "World's Largest Ice Cream Truck" (not sure how official that ranking is but it was pretty big)



Remember to mark your calendars for the next Bites-N-Sips on November 16, and visit www.coralsprings.org to check out other upcoming events in this pretty cool city...


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