The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, NYC (In Pictures)

OK, so here's yet another post featuring photographs taken during my recent trip to New York City; in this case, The Bushwick Collective, an outdoor street gallery of artists from around the world. In Brooklyn, the Bushwick Collective at Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue is emerging as a new destination for street artists. Joseph Ficalora, whose family owns a steel fabrication plant in Bushwick, curates the vast outdoor art gallery that is slowly transforming a neighborhood that has been plagued with crime and vandalism (the place is still overrun with illegal graffiti).

Ficalora works with other local building owners to find and provide empty walls for emerging street artists, who have come from all over the world. Artists are required to send three jpegs of recent work, a short bio, and their concept to [email protected] before permission is granted.

I spent a couple of walking around The Bushwick Collective with my daughter and brother and although it ain't nearly as eye-popping as the Wynwood Arts District right here in Miami, it's still well worth a visit (preferably during the daytime). Enjoy the pics...

Swoon street art

American artist Caledonia Dance Curry aka Swoon

Damian Mitchell street art

Australian stencil artist Damien Mitchell

Pixel Pancho street art

Italian street artist Pixel Pancho

The Bushwick Collective

Collaboration between The Yok (Australia) and Sheryo (Singapore/NYC)

The Yok

The Yok

The Bushwick Collective

German artist Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB

The Bushwick Collective

NYC based artist Buff Monster

The Bushwick Collective

American artist Joe Iurato

The Bushwick Collective

NYC street artist Vladimir Bubnov a.k.a. AINAC (Art Is Not A Crime) and yours truly


My daughter snapping a pic of the work of NYC artist Fumero

Beau Stanton street art

NYC Street artist Beau Stanton

The Bushwick Collective

Argentinian artist Sonni Adrian


NYC street art duo Billy Mode & Chris Stain (and me)

The Bushwick Collective

UK artist Phlegm

Brooklyn Street Art

NYC Artist Lexi Bella


Australian street artist Vexta

The Bushwick Collective

Me and my girl just chillin'

Dan Perez Films

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Dan Perez Films

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