How Doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital Saved Baby Luna (Video)

Imagine being told your newborn baby wasn't going to make it through her first week of life. That was the case with baby Luna. After seven days on life support, doctors at Nicklaus Children's Hospital (formerly Miami Children's Hospital) told Luna's mother to prepare to say goodbye to her first born child.

In a last ditch effort to try and uncover the child's puzzling inability to breathe on her own, they called on Dr. Aldousany, a cardiologist, to take a look at her. He performed an echocardiogram and what he found was an unusual net-like structure on her heart - a rare condition known as the Chiari Network.

Chiari Network

This is Luna's remarkable story, the latest in a series of videos I've been producing for Miami Children's Health Foundation who raise funds and awareness for for Nicklaus Children's Hospital. To help children like Luna, please visit www.mchf.org/donate.

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Kidney Transplant

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Kidney Transplant

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