Meet Rosanne Wills, Pediatric Nurse for 45 Years (Video)

Rosanne Wills came to Variety Children's Hospital (which then became Miami Children's Hospital and now Nicklaus Children's Hospital) as a candy-striper back in 1968. Her mother was already a nurse there and after her first week, the children won her over and she became a pediatric nurse just like her mother. A year later, her younger sister Regina also joined her as a nurse and today both their daughters are also nurses at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Rosanne has served (graced) the hospital as a nurse for 45 years and was recently honored for her service. It was my great pleasure to have been asked to produce a video for this special occasion - and a most remarkable woman. She has touched the hearts of not only the children she has cared for over the years (many of whom have brought their own children to her at the hospital) but any one who has worked alongside her. That she's also a pancreatic cancer survivor and still brings the passion and energy to her work of someone less than half her age says all you need to know about her love for what she does.


Meet Rosanne Wills, Pediatric Nurse for 45 Years from DanPerezFilms on Vimeo.


Pediatric nurse

Rosanne & I after our shoot...


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