The Freedom Party: The Longest Running Weekly Dance Party in NYC

Having grown frustrated with a nightclub music scene that began to rely too heavily on VIP lists, "bling" and "bottle poppin'", three New York City DJs decided to do something about it. They started a weekly Friday night dance party that was simply about the music; not what you wore, who you knew, or how much money you made. A place where people who loved classic soul, hip-hop, new wave, and house music could feel free. The Freedom Party.

DJ Herbert Holler, DJ Cosi, and DJ Marc Smooth have carried The Freedom Party into its 10th year, making it the longest running Friday night dance party in New York City history. Winner of the People's Choice Award for "Best Party 2010" by Papermag and runner-up in URB Magazine's "Best Party of 2010 (Nationwide)", The Freedom Party has also become a celebrity hotspot. Director Spike Lee and actor Tracy Morgan have made appearances at the popular dance party while acts like Rakim, Q-Tip, Alicia Myers, and Questlove have grabbed the mic and performed on stage.

You can catch The Freedom Party every Friday night at New York's premier "multimedia art cabaret", (le) poisson rouge in Greenwich Village. In the meantime, check out this video I produced that gets you up close and personal with the founders of this unique party...

Spike Lee - The Freedom Party

From Left; DJ Herbert Holler, Dj Marc Smooth & Dj Cosi with Spike Lee

Q-Tip - The Freedom Party NYC

Q-Tip at The Freedom Party

Rakim - The Freedom Party

Rakim at The Freedom Party

Questlove - The Freedom Party

Questlove at The Freedom Party

All photographs by Kenny Rodriguez

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