MCH Anywhere: Cutting-Edge Technology meets Global Healthcare

Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) is delivering specialized pediatric healthcare on a 24/7 basis to virtually any location in the world with its cutting-edge MCH Anywhere initiative. Located on the hospital’s main campus and staffed by experienced pediatric specialists, the MCH Global Telemedicine Command Center is a 2,400-square-foot working area with advanced two-way voice, data and video technology with the capacity to send and receive high-resolution visual images, radiology reports, laboratory tests and other information.

Miami Children's Hospital

Utilizing the hospital's high-speed broadband wireless network and advanced contact center technology, the specialists staffing the MCH command center can consult with local physicians, nurses or other medical professionals; examine pediatric patients, provide diagnoses, counsel children and parents, write e-prescriptions, and consult with EMTs or paramedics preparing a child for emergency air ambulance transport.

MCH Anywhere

MCH is deploying an integrated suite of specially equipped iPads, medical kiosks, mobile robots, mobile medical carts, and mobile "field kits" for remote global locations. All these devices have interactive audio and video features purpose-fit for specific telemedicine uses and fully integrated to the MCH data network. Data captured by these mobile and stationary devices would also be incorporated into a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).

Miami Children's Hospital

I've been producing videos for Miami Children's Hospital for over five years now and I must say I was pretty excited about this particular video shoot. I mean, the telehealth center is pretty darn cool. Of course, I can go on and on about MCH Anywhere and the global healthcare technology it introduces but I think I'll just let my video do the talking, yes? So if you haven't watched it already, scroll back up the page and check it out...

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