Miami Children’s Brain Institute: Mathew’s Epilepsy Success Story

What other people say about your products, your business and the level of service that you provide is much more effective and credible than anything that you can say on the same topics. When you say it, you are making a claim. When other people say it, then it changes from being a "claim" to being a fact. And when those same people claim that your product or service (in this case, brain surgery!) helped save their son's life, well, it's hard to keep them quiet.

Such was the case with young Matthew, who suffered his first seizure at 10 months old due to a tumor in his brain. Over the next five years, his doctors tried unsuccessfully to treat his seizures with medication. Finally, Matthew's parents decided they needed a second opinion and made the trip from Orlando to Miami Children's Hospital. The rest, as they say, is history...

Few marketing techniques are as effective as video when it comes to connecting with your customers on a "human level" - especially online. These days consumers are hard to convince on things that they may need - especially when their needs are critical healthcare for their most precious possessions - their children. Powerful video testimonials minimize skepticism and gives potential customers the assurance that your product or service is one that they will benefit from.

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