Real-Life Santa Claus Michael Fux

Since 2004, businessman Michael Fux, who arrived penniless from Cuba as a young boy with his family, has been a real-life Santa Claus providing holiday gifts to over 300 underprivileged patients & families of Miami Children's Hospital. This was the third straight year that I was asked to produce a video for the event and it has become one of my favorites. Just seeing all the smiles on the faces of these children makes it worth attending.

Janet Bell-Taylor, Director of Patient Family Services at Miami Children's Hospital, works closely with her department to identify children who would be hosted at the event. "He is Santa to so many", said Bell-Taylor. "And his generosity to Miami Children's Hospital exceeds this particular event." Fux also donated 1 million dollars to the hospital to help create the Michael Fux Family Center which opened in late 2009. This beautiful and welcoming facility helps make families feel more at home while their children are hospitalized. It features showers and laundry facilities, a small workout gym and massage room, kitchen, and a mini movie theater.

"There is a lot of work that goes into the event, but its all worth it to see the faces of these children and their families", said Fux, who arrived penniless from Cuba as a young boy with his family. "Giving a check is easy - this is something I love doing."

What are you doing to help make a difference to those in need?

Featuring "New Hero" performed by Stephanie Carcache

Photograph courtesy of Lizzie Easton Photography

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